Defect Scanner Series

Photo of SURFX MEGAWIDE – Glass & Paint Inspection

SURFX MEGAWIDE – Glass & Paint Inspection

SURFX provides a complete in-process transmission surface inspection solution for automotive flat panels typically after cutting, grinding and painting. It is available in standard and high resolution depending on the defect size detection requirements. SURFX systems are successfully operating in…

Photo of EDGE – Glass Inspection

EDGE – Glass Inspection

EDGE provides automotive glass manufacturers with a complete surface and grinded edge inspection, all in a single system for automotive sidelites, backlites, sunroofs and windshields. EDGE is a unique, non-contact, inline system providing real-time inspection. This system not only allows…

Photo of CURVE 60 – Bent Glass Inspection

CURVE 60 – Bent Glass Inspection

CURVE 60 systems provide automotive glass manufacturers with an inspection solution for glass panels that can be installed between the bending stage and final packaging. CURVE 60 systems provide complete glass surface (transmission) inspection and paint (reflection) inspection on panels…

Measurement and Sizing of Glass Panels

Photo of DIMX – Dimensional Metrology

DIMX – Dimensional Metrology

SYNERGX Technologies introduced DIMX in 2012 as the first market metrology system capable of 100% Quality Control (QC) on all critical dimensions of flat automotive glass up to a dimension of 950 mm by 1250 mm. DIMX provides fully automated,…

Optical Glass Distortion Measurement

Photo of WINDX (AURA 4.0) – Distortion Measurement

WINDX (AURA 4.0) – Distortion Measurement

The WINDX system is a real time windshield distortion measurement system installed at the end of the production line which operates at full production speed. WINDX is a field proven, patented measurement and yield management solution that provides fully automated, non-contact…