The FLY library is a development environment with DLLs, headers, import files, utilities and high level primitives required to calibrate, configure, manage and process the point clouds generated by the scanning process.


  • Native C API with gateways files to .NET languages;
  • SDK  version is required for application development;
  • Runtime version,  included with the SKEYE scanner allows for:
    • Controller configuration
    • Laser configuration (intensity, start/stop)
    • Raw data processing
    • Flow control between the SKEYE controller, line PLC and the host PC
  • Library comes with a built-in « OnTheFly » GUI for easy visualisation of data and system troubleshooting
  • Program tracings and error hook management are also available to help with software optimizations

Highly optimized tools for metrology applications:

  • Plane fit
  • Sphere fit
  • Circular or rectangular hole finder  with positioning and dimensioning
  • Slot finder with positioning and dimensioning
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