About EDGE – Glass Inspection

EDGE provides non-textured solar glass manufacturers with a complete surface and grinded edge inspection, all in a single system. EDGE is a unique, non-contact, inline system providing real-time inspection.

This system not only allows manufacturers to improve the quality of their products, but also improve their manufacturing processes and productivity.

EDGE systems are successfully operating in solar glass manufacturing factories worldwide.


  • Integrated edge inspection for grinding defect detection
  • Complete non-contact surface and side edge inspection for detection of shiners and edge chips vents, scratches, inclusions, bubbles not visible from the surface
  • Line speeds up to 60 m/min
  • Industry-leading cycle time: 4 seconds
  • Options available: Pinholes, trademark, logo, drill hole presence/absence and sizing, review station for offline manual inspection at stacker station
  • Dark tint to clear glass inspection (5.6% to 92% transmittance)

Key Benefits

  • Improve product quality to meet glass manufacturer’s increasingly high expectations
  • Reduce production costs through productivity improvement
  • Capture key data for continuous process improvement
  • Convenient footprint and flexible interface allow easy integration into existing production or greenfield project
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