About SURFX MEGAWIDE – Glass & Paint Inspection

SURFX provides a complete in-process transmission surface inspection solution for non-textured solar glass panels.

It is available in standard and high resolution depending on the defect size detection requirements.

SURFX systems are successfully operating in solar glass manufacturing factories worldwide.



  • Complete surface defect detection and classification including edge chips and vents, scratches, inclusions, bubbles, etc.
  • Continuous, fully automated, non-contact inspection at line speeds up to 60 m/min
  • Batch processing capabilities
  • Automatic logo masking exclusion zones
  • Cycle time: 4 seconds
  • Options available: Pinholes, trademark, logo, drill hole presence/absence and sizing, review station for offline manual inspection at stacker point
  • Dark tint to clear glass inspection (6% to 92% transmittance)


Key Benefits

  • Improve product quality to meet glass manufacturer’s increasingly high expectations
  • Reduce production costs through productivity improvement
  • Capture key data for continuous process improvement
  • Convenient footprint and flexible interface allow easy integration into existing production or greenfield project
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