SYNERGX, an established global leader in automotive glass inspection, is extending its products and expertise to the architectural industry.

SYNERGX offers a complete and integrated platform for each stage of the glass production process as well as individual systems to address specific inspection challenges.

Architectural Glass Process

Glass Manufacturers deserve the best​

With glass requirements for architectural applications becoming increasingly strict, every glass maker needs to implement a strategy and an investment plan to prevent costly mistakes or bad products sent to customers.

SYNERGX, the world leader in non-contact inspection & metrology solutions for the OEM automotive glass is now offering its state-of-the-art technologies to the architectural glass sector.

We help you see defects

Case Study

AGNORA detects architectural glass defects faster thanks to SYNERGX

Discover how SYNERGX contributes to fulfilling AGNORA’s mission to produce impeccable architectural glass!

Welcome to a new era of precision

Don’t compromise on your clients increasingly high expectations. Get rid of slow, error-prone manual inspections now.

Glass Inspection


Glass Paint Inspection


Tempered Glass Fragmentation


Grinding Edge inspection


Distortion inspection


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