Tempered Glass Fragmentation Inspection


The CULLX automates the validation process of
tempered glass fragmentation based on the ECE R43 and ANSI/SAE Z26.1 Standards


Overcomes the lack of reproducibility of manual counting

Overcomes the lack of reproducibility of the manual locating of counting area

Enables digital archiving

Enables data driven process control


Faster and more efficient than ever: fragment count made easy.

Glass size

1800 mm x 1250 mm

Glass thickness

3mm to 10mm

Cycle time

Less than 90 secs

cullet size

1mm (inscribe circle)

Glass transparency

5% to 92% transmittance

The CULLX System is installed in lab, near the production line and is based on the SYNERGX GI platform.

We are proud of this most recent product which was developed in record time to specifically address an urgent need for several of our automotive glass customers.

Stephane Lemieux, CEO SYNERGX

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