Glass Printing Inspection


The SURFX PAINT is a family of products providing high quality glass processors with an integrated inline flat glass printing inspection solution meeting the high level required by the OEM Automotive and appliance glass industries


Improves product integrity to meet glass manufacturer’s increasingly high expectations

Reduces production costs through waste reduction and productivity improvement

Captures key data for continuous product traceability & process improvement

Convenient footprint and flexible interface allow easy integration into existing production or greenfield project


Detection capability

High inspection repeatability & accuracy for glass thickness between 0,5mm and 50mm


Covers all glass shapes & transmissivity

Line integration

Fully integrated to manufacturing processes including product traceability & industry 4.0 platforms

Designed for glass manufacturers that have a wide range of glass type, high volume and fast production cycles and are looking to implement a high standard glass printing inspection system.

The SURFX PAINT inspection system is fully integrated to your manufacturing process and is based on the SYNERGX GI platform

Glass has become more complex in terms of shape and decoration with a trend towards product individuality. We need to adapt.

Cédric Marchand,
Head of Quality and Plant QEHS Manager at the SCHOTT flat glass

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