Edge Inspection


The EDGE is a family of products providing high quality glass processors with an integrated inline flat glass surface and grinding edge inspection solution meeting the high level required by the OEM Automotive and appliance glass industries


Improves product quality to meet glass manufacturer’s increasingly high expectations

Reduces production costs through productivity improvement

Captures key data for continuous process improvement

Convenient footprint and flexible interface allow easy integration into existing production or greenfield project


Improve the quality of your products. Improve your manufacturing processes and productivity.


Detection of shiners and edge chips vents, scratches, inclusions, bubbles not visible from the surface​


Line speeds up to 60 m/min​

Cycle time

Industry-leading cycle time: 4 seconds

Glass transparency

Dark tint to clear glass inspection (5.6% to 92% transmittance)​

The EDGE inspection system ​ is fully integrated to your manufacturing process and is based on the Synergx GI platform

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