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SYNERGX opens new subsidiary in Europe

SYNERGX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the opening of an office in Germany to manage its European operations: SYNERGX Deutschland GmbH. The creation of a German subsidiary comes as a response to increased demands to maintain consistent service quality on a global scale and closer geographical proximity with SYNERGX European customer base. The address of the office is:

SYNERGX Deutschland GmbH

Internationales Technologie- und
Service-Center Baesweiler GmbH(Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 2)Germany
52499 Baesweiler

Tel +49 (0) 2401 805 280

Fax +49 (0) 2401 805 199

About SYNERGX Technologies Inc.

SYNERGX Technologies designs turnkey glass inspection systems for industrial glass manufacturers around the world, specialized for automotive, photovoltaic, appliance, bottling and architectural glass. The company pushes the boundaries of cold-end glass processing, from enhancing the surface and grinded edge inspection of cut glass to the introduction of a completely automated, inline & non-contact metrology solution.


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