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In line with our corporate values of working in synergy with our customers and providing innovating solutions, SYNERGX is very excited to announce the release of WINDX 5.  

The WINDX system is a fully automated, non-contact metrology solution to characterize the optical properties of automotive glazing. Available in either inline or lab configurations, WINDX provides automotive glass manufacturers worldwide reliable and repeatable optical measurements. 

WINDX 5 provides robust features to take glazing inspection to a whole new level:  

  • Capacity to reliably measure optical characteristics to the paint borders 
  • Doubled resolution for improved assessments required for ADAS camera applications 
  • New orthographic projection for uniform resolution and visibility on the entire glass surface 
  • Increased the maximum glass size supported  
  • Additional tools to facilitate system integration and calibration for installation uniformity and better reproducibility between sites 

“The WINDX 5 system offers unprecedented versatility and performance for automotive glass inspections,” explained Normand McGuire,  R&D Product Manager at SYNERGX. “We believe this new system will be a game-changer for manufacturers looking to offer OEMs the best quality glass in the industry.” 


For more information and to better understand the benefits of installing or upgrading to WINDX 5, contact your dedicated SYNERGX Account Manager

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