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SYNERGX USA officially inaugurates a new testing facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan  

SYNERGX USA officially inaugurates a new testing facility in

Ann Arbor, Michigan 


In early June, SYNERGX USA inaugurated a brand-new testing facility that will allow us to demonstrate our advanced capabilities to customers and partners first-hand.  

The inauguration week was a total success. We welcomed car and automotive glass manufacturers to demonstrate our cutting-edge non-contact inspection and metrology solutions as well as discuss the industry’s ever-evolving needs.  

“It was great to restart in-person meetings after such a long pause in travel due to the pandemic. This inaugural event was also very symbolic as it represented our commitment to the US market,” explained Kingston Eck, Executive Vice-President for SYNERGX USA.

“Having a local presence will provide our US customers with the peace of mind knowing they can take advantage of the responsive support for which SYNERGX is renowned.” 

For more information about SYNERGX USA’s operations, contact Kingston Eck at 



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